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疯狂棋牌官网For over 15 years, Bibliopolis has been building online bookstores and software for used, out-of-print, and antiquarian booksellers.

City of Books by Mae Chevrette

疯狂棋牌官网 by Mae Chevrette

Meet the Bibliopolis team

疯狂棋牌官网With more than a century of experience in the book industry combined!

Luke Lozier疯狂棋牌官网, who manages operations, was a buyer and manager at in San Francisco before setting up their online bookstore and, ultimately, hundreds of others. He also likes to call himself an occasional poet and even publishes a poem every 20 years or so.

Mika Babcock, chief of technology and the son of a bookseller, worked at Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop in Boston while in college. He developed his first online bookstore in 1999 for his father. In 2005, he formed Foreseeing Solutions, which built online bookstores for more than 60 booksellers, before joining Bibliopolis in 2012.

Mat Jones疯狂棋牌官网 has been our primary engineer since 2001 and has tailored many technologies to the needs of booksellers. The depth and diversity of his skill set is matched only by his love of unusual, cuddly animals.

Matt Baer has been attracted to technology ever since he was a wee lad. After graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Interactive Media Design, he has helped shape Bibliopolis’ future engineering websites. When he’s not fiddling with computers, he’s shredding the guitar in .

Brigid Cabry Nelson is the sole proprietor of , a design studio that provides thoughtfully crafted graphic design solutions for businesses and organizations. She 疯狂棋牌官网holds a BFA in Design from American University and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Brigid has been designing online bookstores for Bibliopolis since 2010.

Bibliopolis Scholarships

Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar


Every year, Bibliopolis offers two full tuition-paid scholarships to the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar (CABS), which is held annually in Colorado Springs. Applicants should visit the CABS website for .

York Antiquarian Book Seminar


Bibliopolis is pleased to offer a full tuition-paid scholarship to the York Antiquarian Book Seminar (YABS), which will be held in York and is currently in its first year running. Applicants should visit the YABS website for .

Bibliopolis software is designed specifically with used and antiquarian booksellers in mind but is used by all kinds of booksellers and even publishers.

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